I understand that the information contained and presented in this Training is useful in creating rapid and lasting change and do hereby agree to use this information only for the purpose of self improvement and/or to achieve a positive outcome when working with others. The power of these techniques requires care, integrity and respect for the highest intention of all individuals.

By attending or participating in the above mentioned The Tech Leader Academy Ltd, seminar or training course, I acknowledge that I hereby indemnify The Tech Leader Academy Ltd, against any loss or damage whatsoever and howsoever incurred by the participant as a result of my participation.

I certify that my participation in this Training is of my own free will and I accept complete responsibility for my well being at all times. I further certify that I am a healthy individual and that I am physically and psychologically fit to fully participate in this Training, and I know of no reason, nor have I been informed by my physician or psychologist or psychiatrist of any reason, why my participation in this Training would do me harm of any nature. I agree to release and hold harmless The Tech Leader Academy Ltd, their agents, representatives and employees for the results of any portion of the Training in which I voluntarily participate. If this does not accurately reflect my situation, I agree that I will notify one of The Tech Leader Academy Ltd representatives before participating in this Training.

I understand that although this training may raise emotional issues, it is not intended to provide a therapeutic environment or be a substitute for ongoing counseling or psychotherapy, and that any unresolved issues which may surface and which may warrant counseling, will be at my own expense.

I understand that if I am found unfit (or disruptive) to participate in this Training by a representative and/or staff member of The Tech Leader Academy Ltd, I will be required to leave the Training immediately. No questions or discussions will be entered into, and The Tech Leader Academy Ltd representatives and/or staff will be the sole judge. No refunds will be given.

I agree that any recorded or written material included as part of this Training is protected by Trademark and Copyright laws and may not be used without obtaining prior written permission of the appropriate parties. As a participant, I agree to NOT record this Training or any part thereof.

If any legal action, including arbitration or an action for declaratory relief is brought to enforce this agreement, The Tech Leader Academy Ltd will be entitled to legal fees, which may be set by the arbitrators or the court in the same action or in a separate action brought for that purpose, in addition to any other relief to which The Tech Leader Academy Ltd may be entitled.

The following section is for any Training which includes a Board Break:

I understand and agree that the information presented in the Board Break section is for my personal use and is not sufficient, nor is it intended to be sufficient training for me to teach others to break boards. I further understand that my participation in the Board Break is voluntary and at my own risk, and I agree to hold harmless The Tech Leader Academy Ltd and their agents, representatives and employees.



I understand and agree to the following:

1. I will use the skills learned in this Training with only the highest ethical standards.

2. I will use the information learned in this Training only as it is appropriate to my personal level of expertise, my existing profession, credentials and/or education.

3. This course is NOT a substitute for formal education in the behavioral sciences.

4. This course is NOT a substitute for any form of therapy.

5. I am solely responsible for my own actions and emotions and hold harmless The Tech Leader Academy Ltd, or any of its employees or representatives, of any liability for their actions and emotions.

6. I understand that The Tech Leader Academy Ltd programs are for vocational or non-vocational self-improvement, do not include or attempt to work in areas such as psycho-therapy, psychiatry, medicine, etc., which are outside its chosen specialty; and that problems of psychogenic or functional origin are only accepted and treated by psychological or medical personnel. By submitting the Registration Form, I acknowledge understanding that Hypnotherapy/ NLP/ Time Line Therapy® and other techniques applied by The Tech Leader Academy Ltd are a conditioning process, whereby an individual is taught to use their OWN ABILITIES for their OWN BENEFIT. I therefore understand that my results will be dependent upon my ability to communicate with my own unconscious/subconscious mind and therefore release The Tech Leader Academy Ltd of all liabilities resulting from these actions.

7. I release and hold harmless The Tech Leader Academy Ltd, its agents, representatives and/or employees, from any responsibility occurring as a result of my use of any of the information and/or techniques learned in this course by myself and/or others at any point and time.



By submitting the Registration Form, I acknowledge that I have carefully read and understood this agreement, and release.